Synthetic Oil

Selco makes a complete range of Hydraulic Fluids, Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Chain Oils, Special Oils, Silicon Oils and Specialty Yarn Compounds.

Knitting Oil

KNITTOL-ZXKnitting Oil

KNITTOL-XLLubricating Oil for Knitting

SPINOL-XLSpecialty Yarn Compound

STICHOL-XLLubricating Oil

Special Oils

SF-1000Instrument Oil

SF-1100Synthetic Spindle Oil

Silicon Oils

SELCOSIL-1000Silicon Oil "1000 CST"

SELCOSIL-350Silicon Oil "350 CST"

Hydraulic Fluids

SF-310Synthetic Hydraulic Fluid

SF-330Synthetic Food Grade Oil

SF-340Compressor Polyglycol Lubricant

SF-350Sulzer Projectile Lubricant

Gear Oils

SF-400Synthetic Gear Lubricant

SF-410Synthetic High Temp HV Lubricant

SF-440Synthetic Worm Gear Oil

SF-450Synthetic Calender Lubricant

Food Grade Oils

SF-330Synthetic Food Grade Lubricant

Compressor Oils

SF-300Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant

SF-500Synthetic Compressor Oil

SF-580Synthetic Gas Compressor Lubricant

SF-590Synthetic Refrigeration Compressor Lubricant

Chain Oils

SF-600Synthetic High Temperature Chain Lubricant

SF-620Synthetic High Temp Chain Lubricant With MOS2