Pastes, Anti-seize & Gels

Grease is an oil mixed with a suitable thickener. Therefore, the properties of the grease vary depending on the base oil used in it. ALL of our greases are produced using synthetic base oils with the ability to withstand very high temperatures, superior lubricating oil properties and good EP properties.

Multi purpose

SG-360Synthetic High Performance Grease

SG-450Synthetic Multipurpose EP Moly Grease

SG-455Synthetic Multipurpose Grease

High Temperature

SG-350Synthetic H.T.Grease

SG-460Synthetic EP Moly Grease

SG-500Ultra High Temperature Grease

SG-370Synthetic Lubricating Grease Non Soap

Water Proof

SG-390Synthetic.Grease "Low RPM" (Water Resistant)

SG-361EP Non Melting Grease

SG-440Glycol Grease (Water Resistant)

SG-900Silicon Grease

Open Gear & Wire Rope

SG-225Wire Rope Lubricant (QWIK Dry)

SG-250Open Gear Lubricant (QWIK Set)

High Performance

SG-1450High Temperature Non-Melting Industrial Grease

SG-1360High RPM Grease 10,000 RPM

SG-1370Medium RPM High Load

SG-1410Very High RPM Grease 30,000 RPM

SG-1600Ultra High Temp Silicone Grease

Food Grade Grease

SG-330 Synthetic Food Grade Grease(NSF Certified, Category H1, Registration No. 147065)