Company Profile
In the early 1920s chemists were searching for an alternative to petroleum lubricants to improve the performance of automotive crankcases in cold weather.

The introduction of jet engines called for lubricants that did not degrade at high temperatures. The development of synthetic lubricants became a focus for many enterprises. In the early 1960s, the first synthetic hydrocarbon oils for use in automotive crankcases were developed.

We have been pioneers, market leaders, and manufacturers of Synthetic Lubricants in India since 1978. We are proud of our association with Ciba-Geigy. Our products carry the approval of many O. E. M.'s and are used in various industries like Automotive, Cement, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Food Industry, Heavy Engineering, Nuclear Installations, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Rubber, Steel, Sugar, Thermal Power Plants, Textiles and Wire & Cable industry.

Synthetic lubricants are based on selected organic compounds, engineered to achieve desired results. These compounds are basically wide temperature range stable (very low to very high) and do not lose their viscosity characteristic over this range; impart optimum lubrication at very high load and pressure. Being non-petroleum based, the oil does not dissociate and generate carbon particles in the system. Since there is no carbon, and no wear on the metal surfaces thus increases life manyfold. Also, there is minimal or no evaporation of lubricant at high temperature thus reducing the requirement of lubricant.

Some Key Facts & Figures

  • Manufacturer And Exporter Since 1978
  • More Than 5,500 Customers In India & Abroad
  • Direct Supply To Oems And Industry
  • Exports To Over 40 Countries
  • Customised Solutions As Per Your Need
  • Pan India Presence